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Friends Only people :) If you wanna add me, simply comment. Add me if we have the same interests and if I know you from someplace. I'm gonna be pretty strict right now on adding, but you can try! ;)

moved to sourtapes
looking for my resources? HERE
credit to remus  for the banner :) </lj>
you can find my graphics in foolishgames and
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I have decided...
to switch into a new LJ! my new LJ is sourtapes LOL, because i was craving for them while thinking of a new username. So yeah. Add me there if you want! And add know who you guys are :D 
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Friends' Cut
please remove me from your flist asap
dioxie  eyelikethunder jadesunsets lovebright 
I'm so sorry but i have to cut a few people on my F-list. the reasons why i might've cut you might be the ff:
1. you never commented on any of my entries
2. we dont have anything in common

im really sorry, if you want to know more on why, comment here and it will be screened. :)
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Resource Post
I haven't completed everything yet but here's the resource post! :)


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